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Plate I. Medieval carved stone


kildorrery medieval rural church and graveyard, Monument Numbers CO1804701 and CO18047022   2010:E4075

A programme of conservation works was undertaken by the craftsmen of the Historic Monument’s Advisory Committee of Cork County Council, at the medieval church of Kildorrery. A church was listed here in the Papal Taxation of 1291, but was in ruins by 1591 (Brady, 1863, vol 2). The church ruins comprise a nave and added chancel built of uncoursed rubble sandstone and limestone, predominantly sandstone (Cotter, 2000).  The east and west end walls are both missing. The surviving walls are covered in dense tree and ivy growth.  During archaeological monitoring of the removal of rubble from collapsed walling in the chancel area, four fragments of cut stone were found, which included two with carved heads and two with floriated decoration (Plates I, III & IV).  The south wall of the nave has been consolidated. Further consolidation work is planned.

However at the same time as these commendable conservation works were undertaken, another department of Cork County Council, demolished a large part of the 19th century perimeter wall around the graveyard (Plate 2). These works were carried out without permission, and in spite of the correct advice and  procedures given by the author to those responsible for the damage, at a number of  meetings. This historic walling was replaced by a modern structure, a grotto, which is totally out of place  at this medieval monument.

Brady, WM (1863) Clerical and parochial records of Cork, Cloyne and Ross (3 vols), Vol 2, Privately published.

Cotter, E. 2000 (Unpublished). Condition survey of heritage sites in the care of Cork County Council.


Plate II. Historic wall of medieval graveyard was removed without permission to make way for these modern statues and walling.



Plate III. Medieval carved stone


Plate IV. Medieval carved head.

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